3 items to add to your itinerary today

3 items to add to your itinerary today

Tired of to-do lists, suggestions and success tips? Yeah, we get that. But what about helpful reminders and applications you can put to work for you right now that can help bolster your business and increase your bottom line? Sound good? Check out these standards and look for ways to add them to your business workflow. You will be glad you did.

Never stop learning.

Look, I realize you need to look, sound, and feel confident to engender trust, build relationships that matter, and be more successful. But you really don’t know it all. If you think you’re too busy to study and improve your understanding on a daily basis, you are setting yourself up for second best … or worse. Guaranteed, there’s someone out there learning more so they can prepare to do more and to do it better than anyone else. If that’s not you, why? What legitimate reason do you have for accepting status quo? Let me put it plainly. You don’t know everything you will need to know to build today and be successful tomorrow.

Invest in yourself.

When you start adding discounts to encourage sales, you end up shortchanging everyone. So, instead of offering discounts, work on adding value. Teach all your people to think and act in the same way. Instead of allowing your customers to lower your deliverables, teach them to raise their expectations by over delivering. Give them more, and they will never complain about price. When you consistently exceed expectations, and people continue to gripe, those are the sort that are just set on negative. They will keep coming back because you are doing more than they expect. Complaining just makes them feel better. Bottom line, don’t set yourself up for getting low-balled by shaving your value.

Step out of your echo chamber.

Hey, I know what it looks like inside your head. You need to get out of it from time to time. More importantly, you need people that can add to all the churning ideas your entrepreneurial brain has going all the time. And these voices can’t be yes-men. If you don’t have someone in your life who is both willing to tell you the uncomfortable truth and worth listening to, you need to cultivate that relationship ASAP. Not because you need every decision to be second guessed, but because limiting your options and perspective to only what you know will artificially handicap your success potential.
So, what about it? How can you apply these three fundamental items to your workflow to get more done and achieve long-term success?

David Milberg is an financial analyst from New York City.

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